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No Generator Needed to Run Your Dryer, Clipper, Vac, Inside Lighting, CD Player, or Anything That is a 110 Volt Appliance, YEAH!!!!
No Gas, No Oil NEEDED

Don't BURN YOUR DOLLARS With a Generator

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All Of Our Mobile Grooming Vans Come Equipped With All of This


48" Tub

55 Gallon Clean Water Tank

Heat Exchanger - No Need for a Furnace

Grooming Table

Batteries and a 3000 Watt Invertor
No Need for a Generator!



1993 Ford e350 $14,995 Orrr???? Best Offer!

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818.512.8125 and ask for George.

If BoomBoom Knew I Am Selling These He'd Bite Me!

2001 Chevy 3500 $14,995

HURRY! Rebuilt Transmission & Engine Heads!

Chevy grooming van for sale

2006 Ford Dog Groomer Van For Sale $17,995

Solar Powered Grooming Van for Sale


Is Sally Smart?

Sally was fed up with her current job. She was just not getting anywhere. Huh! She decides to become a certified pet groomer. She needed a change in life. A way to make more money to give her loved ones and herself the life they deserve.

She enrolls in for a very low price, and she studies hard for two months. She takes 5 pictures of before and after grooms, and sends them in along with her final test. She passes and earns two certificates; a "Certified Pet Hygienist" and a "Certified Pet Groomer".

She has no money to purchase a mobile grooming van or to open her own salon so she decided to work out of her own home. She places ads on and passes flyers everyday. She started getting busy.

Sally saved her money and then she purchased a used grooming van to do mobile grooming. She found it by visiting and found a nce one for $9995 fully equipped.

Unlike a mobile pet grooming van, a storefront salon continues to pay rent, continues to pay employee wages, continues to pay utilities, continue to be committed to be open 6 days a week, 10 hours a day whether it is busy or not, continues to have to renew a lease with an increase every single year, and continues to have to groom a minimum of 10 pets a day just to break even.

Sally has no expenses except for gas, insurance and supplies. Sally only wants to groom five dogs or cats a day at an average of $75 each. She only wants to work five days a week and she wants to choose her hours.

How much money can Sally make in a month from grooming dogs and cats?

Daily income, no tips included = 75 * 5 = $375
Weekly = $375 * 5 = $1875
Monthly = $1875 * 52 / 12 = $8125

Sally’s monthly gross revenue = $8125

Monthly Profit & Loss

Revenue:                                            $8125


Insurance:               $200
Gas:                        $600
Supplies:                 $200
Total Expenses:      $1000
Monthly Net Profit:                              $7125

Annual Net Profit:                                $85,500


Is Sally smart in becoming a pet groomer and beginning her business? Yes


grooming school online

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